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What goes into BJU Press’s production of Christian educational materials?

Marketing research to meet customers’ needs

At BJU Press we seek to make sure that we are producing products that meet our customers’ needs—whether those customers teach in a large urban school, a small rural school, or a homeschool. Our Marketing Research Department regularly sends out surveys as we prepare to revise our materials and also follows up on customer comments received via letter, email, and phone. We then take those comments and implement them as we revise materials.

We want to produce the best Christian educational materials available, and we can’t do that unless we are listening to our customers.

Educational research to meet the most up-to-date standards

Trends and fads come and go in the world of education—some are good; some, not so good. That’s why before BJU Press ever published our first textbook, we solidified our educational philosophy—a philosophy that focuses on three elements: comprehension-based learning, the importance of the teacher’s role, and biblical integration (more on that below).

At the same time, we want to avoid being “stuck in a rut”—producing materials that look dated or fail to meet today’s national and state standards. So our authors—each one a subject-area expert with teaching experience—work hard to incorporate adherence to widely accepted grade- and subject-appropriate standards into all the materials we produce. In addition, we habitually involve teachers who are currently in the field as committee members who critique and improve upon our materials as part of our revision process.

Biblical integration to endeavor to please the Lord in all things

Even more important than meeting customers’ needs and addressing educational standards, the primary goal of BJU Press is to integrate Scripture and scriptural principles into all materials produced by BJU Press. As student textbooks and teacher’s editions are being written, they are thoroughly reviewed by a team of Bible scholars—educators who have advanced degrees in Scripture who are charged with the responsibility of making sure not only that the materials integrate Scripture but that they are also handling the Word of God accurately. Bible integration goes beyond merely referencing Scripture to teaching the student to respond to the subject with the Bible as the foundation for all worship and service.

We listen to our customers. We apply acceptable educational standards. We incorporate the Word of God into our materials. We are BJU Press.

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