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The Importance of the Teacher's Role | About BJU Press

At BJU Press, we believe that although good textbooks and teacher resources are critical to home education, you as the teacher are the key to successful home teaching and learning. Because your children will pick up on your attitudes concerning education and learning, your greatest assets are your attitude, maturity, and desire for excellence—not necessarily your experience. You may feel uncertain about teaching some subjects, but be assured that BJU Press is committed to helping you succeed with your educational goals. Your child is a unique individual with unique educational needs, so our teaching aids are designed to give you all the tools you need so you can customize your curriculum to meet your educational goals.

We also believe that you as a homeschool teacher have a special role. You may be teaching all subjects of several grade levels simultaneously. Since homeschoolers don’t clock out at five o’clock, you may be “doing school” eighteen hours a day—answering questions, looking up information, and helping with projects in addition to your regular parental responsibilities. You must be in constant “teacher” mode. We know that. That is why we want to help you in preparing your curriculum. We also know that you want always to draw your children’s minds to the Lord. And that is why we spend our lives to help you get the best Christian curriculum products for your homeschool.

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