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Why choose BJU Press? | About BJU Press

We Provide Curriculum Products are Biblically Based.

We believe that lifelong learning must stem from the very source of Truth—God Himself. Scriptural principles are the basis of every product we sell. They appear in math books as well as in Bible textbooks. And they reinforce what you teach your child about God.

Read more about our biblical integration philosophy.

We Teach Critical Thinking

Education is more than just making good grades—much more. It is learning to think for oneself, to use discernment, and to consider values when confronted with conflict. It is not only knowing the facts and processes (which have their place) but also thinking critically and expressing one’s ideas. Our textbooks help develop these skills with inductive teaching, hands-on-learning, and probing questions.

Find out more about critical thinking and its importance to the Christian.

We Believe the Teacher is the Key to Education.

The teacher is more important than the textbook. That is why BJU Press textbooks offer multiple approaches and activities in every lesson, allowing each teacher to address unique needs.

Read more about BJU Press’s philosophy regarding the role of the teacher.

We Believe Learning Should Be Fun.

Attitudes and expectations of the student can affect how much he will learn. Students learn best when they are interested in what is being taught and can see how that material relates to them. They love learning. And they will be interested in lifelong learning. That is why we have created our textbooks and our Distance Learning courses to be visually interesting and interactive.

Find out more about how BJU Press textbooks make learning fun.

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