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The Academy of Home Education is designed to help home school parents by providing a course of study to be completed under the direction of parents. The elementary and junior high course tracks are listed on the Course Requirements page. The Academy of Home Education recommends an academic program to be completed under the direction of the parents. Two curricular tracks available at the high school level are representative of the academic standards for a general studies or a college prep program in the various states. Our college prep program is designed to prepare students for admission to a college or university.

The Academy of Home Education

What if someone questions us about our homeschool? Can I prove that my children are getting a good education?

If you're asking these questions, you're in the right place. The Academy of Home Education has a long track record of providing security and credibility for homeschool families. Membership with us gives you the structure and the support you need as you prepare your children for the future.

Compare our membership benefits to other homeschool record keeping organizations—you won't find a better value for the price!

Elementary and High School Programs


For students taking courses via Distance Learning Online it will no longer be necessary to record weekly grades on the Grade Reporting Form if the parent is using the online gradebook. The parent will list on the Grade Reporting Form the courses that are being taken online. Any other courses will need weekly grades recorded on the Grade Reporting Form.

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