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Get Started with the Academy of Home Education.

Get started with AHE and take advantage of the many benefits it offers such as record keeping, transcript services, and academic consultation. The application process is easy.

Determine Your Eligibility

Everyone Must:

  • Be a homeschooler
  • Take a standardized achievement test and achieve above the 5th stanine in all areas
  • Agree to use BJU Press materials for all areas that it is available.

A Highschooler Must:

  • Be at least 12 years old
  • Be in grade 9
  • Take a learning-abilities test and achieve a score of at least 90

Send Application and One-time, Non-refundable Application Fee to AHE.

Applicationpdf document

You can email the application to or print it out and send it to the following address:

Academy of Home Education
1700 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Greenville, SC 29614-0062

Application Fees*:

  • Grades 1-8: $75
  • Grades 9: $125
    Note: Students must enroll in the high school program by 9th grade.

Upon Acceptance, you will receive a welcome letter and an invoice for the yearly administrative fee.

Obtain BJU Press Materials

The purchase of BJU Press curricular materials will be the responsibility of the parents. It is highly recommended that test banks or test packets be purchased from BJU Press in all academic areas in which they are available. These materials may be obtained either new from BJU Press or used from local sources.