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AHE Grades 1-8 Benefits

  • Report Cards
  • Guidance and Consultation
  • Official Transcripts
  • Annual Standardized Testing
  • Newsletter Updates
  • Graduation Event
  • Cash4College

$250.00 Enroll Now!

Grades 1-8 new application and administrative fees. Discounts may apply for existing students. Cost is per child.


For grades 1-8 the Academy of Home Education offers the following benefits:

  • Report Cards: AHE keep track of student grades and sends report cards every quarter
  • Guidance and Consultation: The AHE staff can help with questions about homeschooling, testing, college preparation, and more.
  • Official Transcripts: Official transcripts detail the student's academic record, including results of standardized tests. AHE provides five transcripts free of charge. Find out more about transcripts.
  • Annual Standardized Testing: Annual standardized testing is included in your annual fee. It is an essential part of making sure your student is on track academically. Note: a non-relative tester is required for 8th grade testing.
  • Newsletter Updates: AHE will keep you up-to-date on special offers, deadlines, and other important information relating to homeschooling.
  • Graduation: This annual event held on the campus of Bob Jones University offers enrichment and fellowship opportunities (additional charges apply). Find out more about graduation.
  • Cash4College: Earn tuition dollars towards enrollment at Bob Jones University with every curriculum purchase. Find out more about Cash4College.