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AHE High School Program Benefits

  • Report Cards
  • Guidance and Consultation
  • Official Transcripts
  • Annual Standardized Testing
  • Opportunity to earn dual credit
  • Newsletter Updates
  • Graduation Event
  • High School Diploma and Official Transcript
  • High School Class Ring
  • High School Festival Discount
  • Junior Class Trip
  • Student Directory
  • Career Direct
  • Cash4College

$300.00 Enroll Now!

Grade 9 new application and administrative fees. Discounts may apply for existing students. Cost is per child.

Academic Requirements for High School

The Academy of Home Education requires that BJU Press curriculum be used for all courses in which it is available. Browse BJU Press curriculum or Distance Learning options.

About AHE Units

The critical component in validating high school credit is hours of instruction, not necessarily completing a course of study.

  • The standard measurement in a pre-college program is the unit of credit. The AHE unit of credit generally represents 50-60 minutes of instruction five times per week over the course of an academic year, which consists of 180 days.
  • Credits are validated by the semester, which is half the year or 90 days.
  • According to how much credit is required for a course, students not needing a full credit (150–190 hours) can also earn .5 credits (75–90 hours) or .25 credits (37–45 hours).

The following courses represent the general requirements for the fulfillment of a secondary education (grades 9–12). These units of credit are earned based on the fulfillment of the AHE unit of credit requirement.

Subject AHE Unit(s)
Bible 2 units
English (must include 2 units of Writing & Grammar and 2 units of Literature) 4 units
Math 4 units
Science with labs (must include 1 biological science and 2 physical science courses) 3 units
Social Studies (must include one unit of U.S. History, one unit of World History, one unit of World Geography, and one half unit each of Economics and American Government) 4 units
Physical Education and/or Health 1 unit
Computer science and/or Keyboarding 1 unit
Electives according to track requirements 3-5 units

Online Fitness Classes

The following courses have been preapproved for The Academy of Home Education students to earn Physical Education credits through Carone Fitness Online Health and PE Curriculum. The pre-approved courses are the following:

  • Nutrition
  • First Aid
  • Sports Officiating
  • Fitness Fundamentals 1 & 2
  • Personal Health and Fitness
  • Walking Fitness
  • Running
  • Strength Training
  • Individual Sports

Our policy at AHE is for .25 credit course, a student must spend 2-3 hours a week per semester. To earn a .5 credit per course, a student must spend 4-5 hours a week for each class per semester. Any courses that are offered by Carone Fitness that are NOT listed above must be submitted to AHE for preapproval by the AHE staff.

Go to Carone Fitness for more information.

The Academy of Home Education, BJU Press, and Bob Jones University are not affiliated with Carone Fitness. By linking to their website, we do not guarantee, approve, or endorse the information or products available on their website. Those who use the services of Carone Fitness do so at their own discretion, risk, and liability.

Specific Track Requirements

College Preparatory Track
General Studies Track

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