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Homeschooling from the Heart: New Year’s Resolutions

Homeschooling from the Heart: New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions—they come in as many varieties as colors in a new crayon box. But it’s only September! Why are we talking about New Year’s resolutions now? Because it’s the new school year, and whether we admit it or not, we all start the school year with secret resolutions that “this year things will be different!”

What do you want to do differently? Be more organized and consistent with the children’s schedules? Not get distracted from your academic goals by the siren call of “we can make this up later?” Make more time for field trips and outdoor excursions and still get all your housework done too?
All of these things make worthwhile resolutions. But ultimately, the value of our resolutions lies in whom they serve—self or God. What can we accomplish of eternal significance this school year?

As our children crack open their new textbooks and pull out their pencils, we must remember that the learning doesn’t end when classes are done for the day. Their textbooks may teach them chemical processes, notable Korean War leaders, multiplication tables, and proper essay formats, but we must help them relate these things to the “real world.” Homeschooling is about helping our children look beyond the mere facts to the truth those facts convey—God’s truth.

When we firmly settle in our minds the ultimate purpose for our children’s schooling—to help them grow to be more like their Savior—we step beyond mere school-year resolutions and touch eternity with something as mundane as today’s homework. And maybe our children will never fully know the resolutions we make on their behalf—that’s life. But perhaps someday they will look back and see not just a crayon box of hoped-for accomplishments but a multicolored biblical framework for viewing the world.  

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