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Academy of Home Education

BJU Press and Bridgeway Academy

Bridgeway Academy is a nationally accredited Christian homeschool academy that provides academic record keeping and support. At the heart of Bridgeway is a passion for homeschooling, a desire to build character and integrity in children, and a tremendous respect for your role as parent and teacher.

An accredited option for homeschool: BJU Press and Bridgeway Academy

You are eligible for discounted membership in Bridgeway Academy when you purchase a Distance Learning or textbook grade kit OR are using at least 3 BJU Press courses as part of your student's school year! This partnership between BJU Press and Bridgeway Academy means you have access to the following:

  • A nationally recognized and accredited education
  • Courses tailored to your child
  • Record Keeping and Transcripts
  • Experienced advisors, your "go-to" person for answers and support via phone and email
  • Biblically based textbooks
  • Award-winning, experienced instructors
  • Engaging video lessons

What You Receive

  • Accreditation
  • A caring, experienced advisor
  • Report cards and transcripts
  • An official high school diploma
  • On-call support for all your questions and needs
  • Unlimited access to the Bridgeway learning resources online
  • Membership in the Bridgeway online community
  • Community events and contests
  • Guidance for high school, college, and beyond

The proven success of Bridgeway Academy

Bridgeway Academy has partnered with homeschooling parents and their children for over two decades, and their success is proven. 82% of their students have gone on to college, far exceeding the national average and giving you peace of mind about your child's future success.

Homeschooling parents know the value of support they can trust. We now offer even more security to home educators with Bridgeway Academy's nationally recognized Christian homeschool academy. They provide accreditation, record keeping, and personal academic support.


BJU Press Grade Kit with Distance Learning & Bridgeway Support

Hard Drive: Grades 1—8$1,684
DVD: Grades 1—8$1,684
DVD: Grades 9—11$1,799
DVD: Grade 12$1,914
Online: Grades 1—8$1,684
Online: Grades 9—11$1,799
Online: Grade 12$1,914

Bridgeway Support Add-On*

Grades 1—8$805
Grades 9—11$920
Grade 12$1,035

* Minimum 3 BJU Press Courses

The academic excellence of BJU Press

In 1982, BJU Press became the first Christian publisher to offer textbooks to homeschools. Other services soon followed as the need (and numbers) of home educators grew. In 1995, BJU Press began offering distance-learning classes to homeschool families. The first classes were offered only by satellite; today they are available online or as DVDs or Hard Drive.

The mission of BJU Press is to help you give your children the knowledge they need and the wisdom that will help them apply it.

BJU Press textbooks are consistent in scriptural and academic standards in every subject and every grade. Our teacher editions and additional materials allow for generous flexibility and customization within a unified biblical worldview.

What does Bridgeway Academy & BJU Press mean to you?

You now have access to a nationally recognized and accredited homeschool academy

Because Bridgeway is recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and accredited by AdvanceED and the National Association of Private Schools, you have the confidence that your homeschool transcripts will be recognized by colleges and universities and local school districts.

You now have a trustworthy curriculum with the flexibility you need

You have selected the ideal curriculum for your child—comprehensive, biblically integrated BJU Press Distance Learning that will help your child to love learning. We will work with you to ensure the appropriate academic level and best use of the curriculum for your child and family.

You now have complete record keeping and transcripts

You can avoid headaches and potential mistakes because we do it for you. You and your child receive professional records and transcripts that open up the doors to all next steps in your child’s future, including high school AND college.

You now have a "go-to" person just a few clicks or a phone call away

Your Bridgeway advisor personally walks with you every step of the way from planning through implementation and reporting. This makes the process simple, seamless, and easy for parents to teach their children.

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Contact BJU Press Customer Service at 800.845.5731 for details on how to get started with Bridgeway Academy.

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