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Compare Options | Introduction to Distance Learning

Features Hard Drive DVD Online
Available with Textbooks      
Available without Textbooks      
Available packaged by Elementary Grade      
Available packaged by Secondary Grade      
Available packaged by Subject (grades 1-12)      
Offers Flexibility (going up or down
in subjects based on child's readiness)
Convenient for use while traveling      
Available for Children K4–grade 8      
Available for Children grades 9–12      
Limited availability to International Destinations.*      
Online Assessments (grades 5–12)      
Social Networking Features      
Parent Account with Administrative
and Community Features
Gradebook to Help Parents Keep Track of Grades      
Available on Mobile Devices**      
Free, Abridged Teacher Manual (pdf)      
Contains leased items      
Contains printed Lesson Plan Guides      
Contains Digital Lesson Plan Guides      
Can be Viewed by more than one child      
Requires High Speed Internet Connection      
Requires Basic Computer Skills      
Contains our Award Winning Video Content      

*Contact us for more details

**Verified to work with Apple iPad, Nook Tablet, and Kindle Fire

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