Discount & Payment Plan Information

Multi-Kit Discount

Order 2 or more Distance Learning grade kits with books (K5–grade 12) and save $50 on each kit when you pay in full. Only grade-level kits with video and textbooks qualify. Browse Distance Learning kits now.

Payment Plan

Order 1 or more Distance Learning full grade kits and pay 30% up front and 70% over the next six months. See terms and conditions below for more information. The payment plan cannot be combined with the Multi-Kit discount.

Monthly Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in the automatic monthly payment plan, the customer agrees to the following:

  • The customer authorizes BJU Press to automatically charge his credit card each month until the balance is paid in full.
  • The amount charged will be approximately one-sixth of the balance due after the original down payment has been charged and may vary slightly due to applicable taxes.
  • The monthly billing will be charged to the customers credit card each month on the same date the down payment was charged.
  • A $25 service fee will be charged for each month in which a credit card charge is declined.
  • If any DLO/HDD/DVD complete grade kits are returned, the remaining order balance will become due immediately.
  • Default of monthly payments voids the payment plan.
  • Default on Distance Learning Online will result in suspension of service and permanent loss of records.
  • Customer is responsible for all collection fees allowable by law on accounts in default.

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