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Online Assessment FAQs - Distance Learning Online

How is testing done for Distance Learning Online?

K4–Grade 4

Subjects for K4–Grade 4 do not have online assessments. Many of these subjects have paper tests that may be ordered from BJU Press. If the subject is ordered as "Online & Books," these tests may be included.

Grades 5–12

Most subjects in Grades 5–12 have online quizzes and unit/chapter tests. These are commonly called assessments and are stored under your child’s login in the related lesson.

Sometimes assessments may have an additional section (essay or map) that the facilitator will need to print and grade manually. The additional sections and their answer keys are available from the parent login.

Oral quizzes may be given within the lesson or as separate printed quizzes. Instructions for how to use those quizzes can be found in the subject introductory information lesson and/or in the daily-lesson instructions.

Can I print grade reports from the Distance Learning Online program?

Yes, grades for assessments taken online are recorded in online grade books that may be printed or exported to a spreadsheet program.

Can I print a transcript from the Distance Learning Online program?

No, transcriptions—a summary of grades and credits—are not available from BJU Press Distance Learning. However, the online grade books do calculate the running average and letter grade for each subject. That information can then be transferred to a transcript form. If you would like assistance with creating transcripts you may consider joining the Academy of Home Education. But please note that additional reporting may be necessary to meet AHE's requirements.

How can I enter grades for assignments besides the online assessments?

We have created a spreadsheet that can be accessed in your BJU Press Online account where you can enter grades for assignments besides the online assessments. See explanation of the spreadsheet and instructions or instructions for the printed record of grades.

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