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eTextbooks for Homeschool

Yes = These courses are currently available
Pending = These courses will be available Fall 2015

Science 1, 3rd ed. Yes
Science 2, 3rd ed. Yes
Science 3, 3rd ed. Yes
Science 4, 4th ed. Pending*
Science 5, 4th ed. Yes*
Science 6, 4th ed. Yes*
Life Science, 4th ed. Yes*
Earth Science, 4th ed. Yes
Physical Science, 5th ed. Yes*
Biology, 4th ed. Yes
Chemistry, 4th ed. Pending*
Physics, 3rd ed. Yes
Math 6, 3rd ed. Yes
Fundamentals of Math, 2nd ed. Yes
Pre-Algebra, 2nd ed. Yes
Algebra 1, 3rd ed. Yes
Geometry, 3rd ed. Yes
Algebra 2, 3rd ed. Yes*
Precalculus, 1st ed. Yes
Consumer Math, 2nd ed. Yes
Heritage Studies
Heritage Studies 1, 3rd ed. Yes
Heritage Studies 2, 3rd ed. Yes*
Heritage Studies 3, 3rd ed. Yes*
Heritage Studies 4, 3rd ed. Pending*
Heritage Studies 5, 3rd ed. Yes
Heritage Studies 6, 3rd ed. Yes
World Studies, 3rd ed. Yes
American Republic, 3rd ed. Yes
Cultural Geography, 4th ed. Pending*
World History, 4th ed. Yes*
US History, 4th ed. Yes
American Government, 3rd ed. Yes*
Economics, 2nd ed. Yes
Reading 1, 4th ed. Yes
Reading 2, 3rd ed. Pending*
Reading 3, 2nd ed. Yes
Reading 4, 2nd ed. Yes
Reading 5, 2nd ed. Yes
Reading 6, 2nd ed. Yes
Explorations in Literature, 4th ed. Yes*
Excursions in Literature, 3rd ed. Yes
Fundamentals of Literature, 2nd ed. Yes
Elements of Literature, 2nd ed. Yes
American Literature, 2nd ed. Yes
British Literature, 2nd ed. Yes
French 1, 2nd ed. Pending
French 2 Pending
Spanish 1, 2nd ed. Yes
Spanish 2, 2nd ed. Yes
Spanish 3, 2nd ed. Yes

* = A previous edition of this course is available back to top