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eTextbooks for Homeschool

Yes = These courses are currently available
Pending = These courses will be available Fall 2016

Science 1, 3rd ed. Yes
Science 2, 3rd ed. Yes
Science 3, 4th ed. Pending*
Science 4, 4th ed. Yes*
Science 5, 4th ed. Yes*
Science 6, 4th ed. Yes*
Life Science, 4th ed. Yes*
Earth Science, 4th ed. Yes
Physical Science, 5th ed. Yes*
Biology, 4th ed. Yes
Chemistry, 4th ed. Yes*
Physics, 3rd ed. Yes
Math 6, 3rd ed. Yes
Fundamentals of Math, 2nd ed. Yes
Pre-Algebra, 2nd ed. Yes
Algebra 1, 3rd ed. Yes
Geometry, 4th ed. Pending*
Algebra 2, 3rd ed. Yes*
Precalculus, 1st ed. Yes
Consumer Math, 2nd ed. Yes
Heritage Studies
Heritage Studies 1, 3rd ed. Yes
Heritage Studies 2, 3rd ed. Yes*
Heritage Studies 3, 3rd ed. Yes*
Heritage Studies 4, 3rd ed. Yes*
Heritage Studies 5, 4th ed. Yes
Heritage Studies 6, 3rd ed. Yes
World Studies, 3rd ed. Yes
American Republic, 4th ed. Pending*
Cultural Geography, 4th ed. Yes*
World History, 4th ed. Yes*
US History, 4th ed. Yes
American Government, 3rd ed. Yes*
Economics, 2nd ed. Yes
Reading 1, 4th ed. Yes
Reading 2, 3rd ed. Yes*
Reading 3, 3rd ed. Pending*
Reading 4, 2nd ed. Yes
Reading 5, 2nd ed. Yes
Reading 6, 2nd ed. Yes
Explorations in Literature, 4th ed. Yes*
Excursions in Literature, 3rd ed. Yes
Fundamentals of Literature, 2nd ed. Yes
Elements of Literature, 2nd ed. Yes
American Literature, 3rd ed. Pending*
British Literature, 2nd ed. Yes
French 1, 2nd ed. Yes
French 2 Yes
Spanish 1, 2nd ed. Yes
Spanish 2, 2nd ed. Yes
Spanish 3, 2nd ed. Yes

* = A previous edition of this course is available back to top