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Christian K-12 Textbooks and Video Lessons for Homeschoolers

Find Biblical Worldview in The American Republic

“This growing conflict in America illustrates an important point about values. Core values should hold a civilization together. But disagreements about core values can tear a civilization apart. . . . Clashes over core values led the colonies to break free from Britain. They wanted to form a new nation built around their own understanding of freedom, equality, individuality, and growth.”

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Find Sound Education in Math 6

“When we add numbers together, there are certain facts which, by now, we recognize to be true. If they are always true, we call them mathematical properties.”

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Find Joy of Learning in Earth Science

“The great currents are like ocean highways that move over the face of the earth. A current is a flow of seawater through an area of relatively stationary water around it. The most well-known currents flow along the surface of the ocean, but there are also currents that flow at middle depths and along the sea bottom.”

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Find Biblical Worldview in Physical Science

“Remember that science is not about finding truth. We’re about finding understanding of the universe and how things work and how they relate together, and helping us in our Creation Mandate.”

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Find Sound Education in English 2

“A skill is the ability to do something. We develop skills to help us when we listen, speak, read, and write. Research is something you do to find information in a source. Sources tell about people, places, things, and ideas. A source may be a book or a website. You can learn skills that help you find the information you need.”

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Find Joy of Learning in Writing & Grammar 10

“So this discourse is not a metaphysical journey through what might be, but rather a question that comes back to grammar. Through our writing, we can make the past seem to come alive, or we can make the far future seem like a present reality.”

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