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Distance Learning Support Hub

◄ Getting Started

Welcome to Distance Learning! We’re excited that you’ve chosen to partner with BJU Press for your child’s education. We’re going to do everything we can to ensure that you stay organized and in control throughout your homeschool journey.

These four videos cover the steps you’ll take as you start your journey. We encourage you to take some time to watch the following videos for your Distance Learning type so that you can be fully prepared for your Distance Learning experience!


Hard Drive Alert

BJU Press has learned that McAfee’s antivirus suite (Antivirus, Total Protection, or LiveSafe) is now incompatible with our Distance Learning Hard Drives because of a recent update by McAfee. To avoid having problems with your Hard Drives, you should uninstall any of these McAfee programs you have on your computer and switch to a different antivirus software. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Help Videos (Coming Soon)

Whether it's your first time using Distance Learning or you've got some experience, we have help videos coming soon to step you through everything you need to have a great year of homeschooling with BJU Press!

Guides and Manuals ►

Looking for a manual to help you get started with your new Distance Learning product? Here are some PDFs that should get you on the path to success!


Online ►

What grades are offered for Distance Learning Online?

Can I buy individual subjects?


What is included in each DVD package?

How long may we keep the DVDs?

Hard Drive ►

Can the hard drive be used internationally?

Can more than one student use the same hard drive?


Packet corrections are made live in Distance Learning Online. Corrections for DVD or Hard Drive packets are available here (you will be asked to log in if you have not already done so).


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