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BJU Press Distance Learning
A complete homeschool package that’s a step above

The Highest Quality Video Lessons Available

BJU Press Distance Learning provides Christ-centered video lessons for your child that can be viewed on almost any device. Expert teachers with years of experience teach fun and interesting lessons that your child can work through individually.

Modern Video Classes

Gone are cameras in the back of a classroom. Our video lessons are filmed on eye-catching sets where the teacher speaks directly to your child, making him feel like he is having a one-on-one discussion. Hands-on projects, experiments, and video-field trips make the lessons interesting by helping him understand how the content applies to real life and God’s word.

Take Comfort in Making the Right Choice

The sheer number of homeschool solutions out there can make selecting the right program for your child an overwhelming task. You want to know that your child is getting the best education possible, one that reinforces your Christian values.

Trusted Education

For over 20 years, BJU Press has been trusted by thousands of homeschool families to provide quality distance-learning lessons. This experience means we know how to reach children in a way that is engaging and fun while also promoting success. When a lesson is over, be ready for your child to ask for more.

Empowering Families with Flexibility for Success

Distance Learning is perfect for

  • Families with younger and older children learning at the same time

  • Teaching unfamiliar subject matter

  • Busy families who need content available anywhere on many platforms.

Available on Three Unique Formats

Distance Learning is offered in three formats, each designed to meet the specific needs of the parent and child. Learn more about the advantages of each format.

Included in package: Online Hard Drive/DVD
Daily Video Instruction
Online Tests & Quizzes  
Printed Tests & Quizzes *
Online Grade Keeping  
Online Scheduling  
Printed Scheduling
Vacation Stations (K5-Grade 6)
eTeacher's Edition

*Printed tests are included with Grades 1-4 in the Online package.
*Booklinks are available for Grades 1-6.

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