ETextbook Savings from BJU Press

Interested in eTextbooks for your homeschool? Beginning August 7, 2014, get both a printed copy and a digital copy of your child’s Student Text and save 10% when you enter the promo code etext10 in your shopping cart. This special offer ends at midnight August 11, 2014, so order now!

*This offer is available for online orders only, including those outside the U.S.

About eTextbooks

We have the largest selection of k-12 Christian eTextbooks on the market, and we offer them through the VitalSource® Bookshelf® platform. Below are some of the great features.

  • Anywhere, anytime access—Get 3-way access (desktop, mobile, online) for 16 months.
  • Study features—highlight text, define text (iOS only), write notes, and search content and notes
  • Note-sharing—share notes or subscribe to a friend’s notes
  • Page fidelity—pagination is the same for both the eTextbook and the printed text>