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Testing & Evaluation

Since 1984 the BJU Press Testing & Evaluation staff has been providing quality service that is


We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service that offers year-round testing and toll-free access to friendly and experienced testing specialists.


BJU Press Testing & Evaluation has been working with homeschool families for over 30 years, making us the most experienced and trusted team in homeschool testing. We understand the process and are ready to guide you through every step. Our service doesn't stop when the tests are graded. We help you understand what the results mean and how you can use them for the benefit of your child.


Test results are normally available in just two weeks or less.


Performance Profile for Form E

Many of our customers have been asking for a Performance Profile for Form E. We’ve heard your requests, and tests taken in Fall of 2017 will receive this report, starting on September 1.

Ordering Testing

Because of the increased attention to protecting student information online, we are recommending that families order testing on their own accounts, and we have changed our rebate policy to encourage this.

Rebates are now available only to schools and certain homeschool organizations, as they meet specific requirements. Please contact us by phone (800.845.5731) or email for more details.

Form E Is Now Available!

Iowa Assessments™ Form E is now available. This newer edition of the Iowa achievement tests has updated questions, more recent norms, and full-color illustrations. Please see our Form E page for more details.

Achievement & Abilities Tests

Additional Tests & Materials

Near Greenville, SC? Learn more about the testing services available at our local Testing Center .

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