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Siervos de Jesus (Spanish collection)

Siervos de Jesus (Spanish collection)
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Siervos de Jesus (choral collection). This Spanish collection contains both SATB easy and two-part choral arrangements. A great resource for Spanish ministries.

  1. Siervos de Jesus (Sound the Battle Cry)
  2. Segura mi esperanza (The Solid Rock)
  3. Por fe contemplo redencion (The Cleansing Wave)
  4. Instrumentos solamente (Channels Only)
  5. Oigo la voz del buen Pastor (Bring Them In)
  6. Obedecer (Trust and Obey)
  7. Lejos de me padre Dios (Near the Cross)
  8. Gracia admirable (Grace Greater Than Our Sins)
  9. En presencia estar de Cristo (Face to Face)
  10. Mi vida di por ti (I Gave My Life for Thee)
  11. Estad por Cristo firmes (Stand Up for Jesus)

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  • Author - SoundForth
  • Copyright Year - 2005
  • Format - softbound
  • Publisher - SoundForth

Siervos de Jesus (Spanish collection)

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