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Bring Them In (SAB collection)

Bring Them In (SAB collection)
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Bring Them In is SoundForth's first-ever SAB collection. Several outstanding choral arrangers have contributed to this collection, including Faye López, Joan Pinkston, and James Koerts. Seven of the ten selections have traditional texts set to new melodies that are fresh and appealing.


  1. I Will Sing Your Praises
  2. Footsteps of Jesus
  3. Give of Your Best to the Master
  4. Bring Them In
  5. The Beauty of Jesus
  6. Power in the Blood
  7. Sunlight
  8. Sing the Wondrous Love of Jesus
  9. My Shepherd Will Supply My Need
  10. Channels Only

  • Author - SoundForth
  • Copyright Year - 2005
  • Format - softbound
  • Publisher - SoundForth

Bring Them In (SAB collection)

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