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Clown-Faced Carpenter & The Wonder of You,The [DVD]

Clown-Faced Carpenter & The Wonder of You,The [DVD]
The Clown-Faced CarpenterThe woodpecker taps holes and fills them with acorns, supplying winter food for many animals. The Journey to the Stars begins with the sun and continues to the far reaches of God's creation. Water, Water Everywhere shows how water is crucial to us, just as we need God's living water for eternal life.

The Wonder of YouGod wonderfully made our bodes, designing each part to fulfill a specific purpose. A Mystery Story follows the transformation of the caterpillar, noting God's protection in each stage of life. A Matter of Taste takes a look at the eating habits of five special animals and how God has provided for them. A resource for Bible, science, chapel, and family devotions. Suitable for elementary.
  • ISBN - 978-1-57567-280-9
  • Author - Moody Press
  • Copyright Year - 2006
  • Format - DVD
  • Length - 60 min. total (six segments)
  • Publisher - Moody Press

Clown-Faced Carpenter & The Wonder of You,The [DVD]

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