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Bow the Knee Adoration (CD)

Bow the Knee Adoration (CD)
Bow the Knee Adoration (CD) The Adoration ladies' ensemble join their voices in songs of praise to our wonderful Savior. Thirteen songs with piano accompaniment.

  1. Praise to the Lord
  2. With My Whole Heart
  3. He Loved Me
  4. No Other Name
  5. God Exalted Him
  6. Free From Guilt and Free From Sin
  7. Sing, O Heavens
  8. The Call of Christ
  9. Bow the Knee
  10. Open My Eyes
  11. In All Things God Works for Our Good
  12. For the Lord is Good
  13. God's Power Within Us

  • Author - Adoration Ladies' Ensemble
  • Copyright Year - 2006
  • Format - CD
  • Publisher - Koerts Music

Bow the Knee Adoration (CD)

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