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New Every Morning (CD)

New Every Morning (CD)
New Every Morning (CD) Choral music by the Herbster Evangelistic Team. As we face the difficulties of life, we can find rest and peace only in the mercies of God. This recording will encourage you with promises as you meditate on the loving kindness of God and His compassions, which are new every morning!


  1. Christ in Us, the Hope of Glory
  2. The Love of God
  3. On Christ I Stand
  4. Jesus, Savior, Blessed Friend
  5. How Marvelous are the Works of the Lord
  6. O to Be Like Thee
  7. We Rejoice in All Your Ways
  8. No Other Name
  9. He Is the Everlasting God
  10. May the Mind of Christ My Savior
  11. Oh, Wonderful Love of My God
  12. You Knew Me, Lord
  13. Make My Life a Song of Praise
  14. I Will Live My Thanks
  15. His Grace Is Greater
  16. New Every Morning

  • Author - Herbster Evangelistic Ministries
  • Copyright Year - 2007
  • Format - CD
  • Publisher - Herbster Evangelistic Ministries

New Every Morning (CD)

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