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Creator, Redeemer, & King (CD)

Creator, Redeemer, & King (CD)
Creator, Redeemer, & King (CD) Join Scott Ashmore, Matt Herbster, Mac Lynch, and Matt Taylor from the music and program staff of THE WILDS as they minister with exciting, beautifully orchestrated quartet music about who their God is. Worship with them as they meditate on God, their Creator, Redeemer, and King.


  1. Creator, Redeemer, and King
  2. Calvary Invitation
  3. My Shepherd Knows
  4. My Faith Still Clings
  5. Above All Else
  6. He Lifted Me
  7. Holding Forth the Word of Life
  8. Of You, Spotless Lamb of God
  9. The Water of Life
  10. Sing Hallelujah
  11. It was for Me
  12. Redeeming Grace
  13. For Me
  14. Face the Cross
  15. O Be Glad
  16. In Thy Vineyard
  17. Press On

  • Author - THE WILDS Men's Quartet
  • Copyright Year - 2009
  • Format - CD
  • Publisher - THE WILDS

Creator, Redeemer, & King (CD)

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