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Walk Worthy (intermediate piano solos)

Walk Worthy (intermediate piano solos)
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This collection, written by Gina Sprunger, contains a variety of enjoyable musical styles. Early intermediate/intermediate pianists will enjoy fresh settings of “Like a River”, Be Strong in the Lord” and “Walk Worthy of the Lord” as well as 7 other titles.


  1. Bow the Knee
  2. Lead Me to Calvary
  3. Be Strong in the Lord
  4. There Is a Redeemer
  5. How Firm a Foundation
  6. Medley on "Calvary"
  7. Walk Worthy of the Lord
  8. As the Deer
  9. To God Be the Glory
  10. Like a River Glorious
  11. Christmas Night

  • Author - Gina Sprunger
  • Copyright Year - 2011
  • Format - softbound
  • Length - 39 pp.
  • Publisher - SoundForth

Walk Worthy (intermediate piano solos)

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