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Math 5 DVD with Books

Math 5 DVD with Books
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Math 5 for Distance Learning

Math 5 emphasizes the understanding of subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions through the use of manipulatives. Students gain confidence as they develop reasoning and judgment skills through a variety of estimating and problem-solving activities. An optional pre-algebra chapter explores adding, subtracting, comparing, and ordering positive and negative numbers.

Mrs. Melissa Seeling teaches this course.

Recommended Viewing Schedule: five 30-minute lessons a week for a full year; 165 lessons per year

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Printed Teacher’s Editions are not included with this kit. A complete copy of the Teacher’s Edition (formerly TE on CD) and the Teacher’s Toolkit CD as well as files for printing materials from the Teacher Support Materials CD are available by logging into your account. If you desire a printed Teacher Edition, please contact Customer Service for special pricing.

All DVD and Hard Drive Distance Learning kits now include a Parent Guide as well as a Student Worksheets Packet which have all of the teacher support materials and answer keys needed for the subject(s).

Item # Title
109249Math 5 Home Teacher's Edition (2nd ed.)
109256Math 5 Home Teacher's Packet (2nd ed.)
268607Math 5 Student Text (2nd ed.)
082891Math 5 Student Materials Packet (2nd ed.)
083014Math 5 Teaching Charts Flip Chart (for use with 2nd ed.)
082909Math 5 Tests (2nd ed.)
082917Math 5 Tests Answer Key (2nd ed.)
363119DL MATH 5 DVD MOD 09

About the Instructor

Mrs. Melissa Seeling, BS, MEd

Mrs. Melissa Seeling, a course instructor for BJU Press Distance LearningMelissa graduated with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education in 2008 and a master's degree in Elementary Education in 2010. Shortly after finishing graduate school, she married Hans Seeling. About a year later, she began teaching here at Press Distance Learning. “I am thankful for the opportunities that the Lord has given me, and my desire is that He will use me to impact the lives of my students. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to teach your child and to have a small part in your child's education. ”

  • Copyright Year - 2007
  • Format - Distance Learning by DVD
  • Grade Level - 5
  • Publisher - BJU Press

Math 5 DVD with Books

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