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Bible Truths 6 DVD with Books (3rd ed.)

Bible Truths 6 DVD with Books (3rd ed.)
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Bible Truths 6: Redemption-God's Grand Design for Distance Learning

Redemption–God’s Grand Design teaches students about God and His plan to provide a Savior for fallen mankind. Students learn that God has always fulfilled His promises and will continue to do so in the future. The class emphasizes applying scriptural truth to everyday living. Students learn to use cross-references, concordances, Bible dictionaries, and Bible commentaries.

Mrs. Jennifer Cox teaches this course.

Lesson Content: five 15-minute lessons a week for a full year; 166 lessons per year

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Printed Teacher’s Editions are not included with this kit. A complete copy of the Teacher’s Edition (formerly TE on CD) and the Teacher’s Toolkit CD as well as files for printing materials from the Teacher Support Materials CD are available by logging into your account. If you desire a printed Teacher Edition, please contact Customer Service for special pricing.

All DVD and Hard Drive Distance Learning kits now include a Parent Guide as well as a Student Worksheets Packet which have all of the teacher support materials and answer keys needed for the subject(s).

Item # Title
400440Distance Learning Grade 6 Bible Parent Guide 2014
401398Distance Learning Grade 6 Bible Student Worksheets 2014
265322Bible Truths 6 Student Worktext (3rd ed.)
126110Bible Truths 6 Student Materials Packet (3rd ed.)
126169Bible Truths 6 Tests (3rd ed.)
126177Bible Truths 6 Tests Answer Key (3rd ed.)
034637Morning Star of the Reformation
117390Stuart's Run to Faith
363143DL BIBLE 6 DVD MOD 09

About the Instructor

Mrs. Jennifer Cox, BS

Mrs. Jennifer Cox, a course instructor for BJU Press Distance LearningMrs. Cox, who previously taught third grade and worked for the BJU Press, continues teaching elementary grades for BJU Press Distance Learning. "Being the mother of three children is quite an education in itself. Dealing with my own children gives me insight into the minds and hearts of young children. I want each child who finishes [a] BJU Press Distance Learning grade to come away with a very sound, excellent education. One way I try to do this is by making each lesson clear and interesting so that the student can grasp the objectives and build on previous knowledge. I want to inspire children to love learning and to understand and believe that only the Christian who trusts God and obeys His Word will live a life filled with blessing and reward."

  • Author - BJU Press Distance Learning
  • Copyright Year - 2007
  • Format - Distance Learning by DVD
  • Grade Level - 6
  • Publisher - BJU Press

Bible Truths 6 DVD with Books (3rd ed.)

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