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K3/K4 Grade

For K3, the BJU Press preschool homeschool curriculum, Thresholds for Threes, provides your child with enjoyable age-appropriate activities that encourage participation in every major area of learning—personal and social development, letter and number recognition, and motor skills development. Through the use of more than 1,200 ideas, games, songs, and activities, this colorful preschool program will encourage creativity, keep your child’s interest, and instill an early love for learning.

For K4, the BJU Press preschool homeschool curriculum incorporates lessons that promote comprehension and interaction. Key concepts are solidified using math manipulatives, cooking experiences, and periodic review. Each Bible story teaches a simple truth about God. Early handwriting skills and age-appropriate phonics are taught with songs and colorful visuals that will keep your preschool child happy and engaged.

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