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Introducing eTextbooks for Homeschools!


  • Simple process. After purchasing an eTextbook, you will be sent an email with a redemption code and instructions to sign up online for a free VitalSource Bookshelf® account. Enter the redemption code, and the eTextbook will appear on your virtual bookshelf.
  • Anywhere, anytime access. Three-way access—desktop, online, and mobile—to the eTextbook is provided for sixteen months. Free apps, which allow offline viewing, are available for PC, Mac®, iOS (iPad®, etc.) and Android devices.
  • Study features. Highlight text, define text (iOS only), write notes, and search both content and notes.
  • Note-sharing capabilities. Share notes or subscribe to friends’ notes. Notes are synchronized across all devices.
  • Page fidelity. Pagination in both hard-copy textbooks and eTextbooks is the same.


Homeschool eTextbooks are currently available for the following subjects and grades:

  • Math 6–12
  • Science 1–12
  • Heritage Studies 1–12
  • Reading 1–6
  • Literature 7–12
  • Secondary Spanish 1–3

See a complete list of all available eTextbooks.

eTextbooks by Grade eTextbooks by Subject
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