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Algebra 2 Subject Kit (3rd ed.)

Go beyond simply teaching algebra concepts and help you child understand how he or she can use math (specifically algebra) to glorify God and serve others. In the Algebra 2 curriculum from BJU Press, your child will learn concepts such as linear, quadratic, polynomial, radical, and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, and probability and statistics. Complex numbers are also covered throughout the text. Additionally, your child will learn how each concept can be applied to real-life situations. Each lesson contains additional cumulative review exercises strategically designed to help students retain information from previous lessons as well as thorough development of key concepts and detailed examples to promote student comprehension. Expanded exercise sets graded by A, B, and C difficulty levels allow you as the parent to assign work based on your student’s skill level.
  • Author - BJU Press
  • Copyright Year - 2014
  • Edition - 3rd ed.
  • Grade Level - 10-11
  • Publisher - BJU Press

Algebra 2 Subject Kit (3rd ed.)


What's Included?

Item Price Quantity
Algebra 2 Student Text (3rd ed.) (In Stock) $53.89
Algebra 2 Tests (3rd ed.) (In Stock) $15.83
Algebra 2 Tests Answer Key (3rd ed.) (In Stock) $11.39
Algebra 2 Teacher's Edition with CD (3rd ed.) (In Stock) $87.50
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