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Bible Truths K5 Subject Kit

Teach your kindergartener to live the Bible as well as know the Bible with the K5 Bible Truths curriculum from BJU Press. Bible class provides a unique opportunity to focus on teaching your child about God and His Word. Bible Truths K5 teaches children that the Bible is God’s Word and that they need a personal Savior. It also encourages Christlikeness in students, instills a desire to know more about God, and encourages students to apply Bible knowledge to their lives.

The Bible Truths K5 Subject Kit includes all the materials necessary for teaching Bible Truths K5—the Teacher’s Edition and the Student Packet. The Teacher’s Edition will equip you in preparing and presenting lessons and is filled with helpful aids such as songs, poems, action rhymes, reproducibles, The Student Packet contains colorful activity pages designed to reinforce the Bible lessons and review memory verses.
The following resources are available at

Bible Truths for Christian Growth (BTCG) are questions and answers regarding scriptural truths. They teach children what the Bible teaches, directing them to know and love God, and to make right decisions that honor God. The set of BTCG questions included in the K5 Student Worktext has been revised to an age-appropriate number.

Please see the K5 listing of the revised BTCG questions and answers for the current age-appropriate wording.

  • Author - BJU Press
  • Copyright Year - 2005
  • Format - kit
  • Grade Level - K5
  • Publisher - BJU Press

Bible Truths K5 Subject Kit

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Bible Truths K5 Teacher's Edition (2nd ed.) (In Stock) $60.00
Bible Truths K5 Student Packet (2nd ed.) (In Stock) $24.44
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