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British Literature Subject Kit

British Literature (updated 2nd ed.) discusses literature selections and cultural issues from eight literary periods in light of Scripture: Old English, Middle English, Tudor, Stuart, Neoclassical, Romantic, Victorian, and Modern. The literature collection traces English Christianity from its beginning to the present and studies Shakespeare’s drama Macbeth.
  • Author - BJU Press
  • Copyright Year - 2003
  • Format - kit
  • Grade Level - 12
  • Publisher - BJU Press

British Literature Subject Kit


What's Included?

Item Price Quantity
British Literature Teacher's Edition (Updated Version; 2nd ed.) (In Stock) $73.33
British Literature Student Text (Updated Version; 2nd ed.) (In Stock) $56.67
British Literature Tests (2nd ed.) (In Stock) $15.83
British Literature Tests Answer Key (2nd ed.) (In Stock) $11.39

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