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Count Me (TTBB collection)

Count Me (TTBB collection)
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Your men's groups will enjoy singing these advanced TTBB arrangements from SoundForth. The collection has arrangements of "When Jesus Comes" and "This One Thing" from the SoundForth recording When Jesus Comes, in addition to a beautiful new melody for "Higher Ground" (a cappella).


  1. Follow Medley
  2. When Jesus Comes
  3. Count Me
  4. Higher Ground
  5. Beneath the Cross of Jesus
  6. Rise Up, O Men of God
  7. Trusting Jesus
  8. This One Thing
  9. Whosoever Will May Come

  • Author - SoundForth
  • Copyright Year - 2002
  • Format - softbound
  • Publisher - SoundForth

Count Me (TTBB collection)

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