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French 2 Teacher's Edition

French 2 Teacher's Edition
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Builds on the foundation laid in French 1 while strengthening comprehension of the spoken and written language. Develops linguistic survival skills with an expansion of vocabulary and reading skills. Contains oral and reading comprehension sections that expose the student to French literature. Teaches the language in the context of French-speaking lands throughout the world. Exposes the student to the oral dialect of the various areas. Includes a good selection of French songs with a Christian emphasis.The Teacher's Edition contains reduced student pages with marginal notes and answers. It presents the material in English, but the instructor should have a basic background in French.
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  • ISBN - 978-0-89084-740-4
  • Author - BJU Press
  • Copyright Year - 1994
  • Edition - 1st ed.
  • Format - spiral
  • Length - 352 pp.
  • Grade Level - 7-12
  • Publisher - BJU Press

French 2 Teacher's Edition


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