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Life Science Subject Kit (4th ed.)


Gain a better appreciation for God's creation through the Life Science curriculum from BJU Press. Life Science covers cell biology, genetics, the history of life, microbiology, botany, zoology, ecology, and human anatomy and physiology, all within a biblical framework. Your child will learn about both the limitations and the benefits of science and will be challenged to use science as a tool to exercise dominion over the earth.

The Life Science Subject Kit contains all the necessary materials for teaching Life Science--6 items total.

  • Author - BJU Press
  • Copyright Year - 2013
  • Edition - 4th ed.
  • Format - kit
  • Grade Level - 7
  • Publisher - BJU Press

Life Science Subject Kit (4th ed.)

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What's Included?

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Life Science Student Text (4th ed.) (In Stock) $61.11
Life Science Teacher's Edition with CD (4th ed.) (In Stock) $66.39
Life Science Lab Manual Teacher's Edition (4th ed.) (In Stock) $31.67
Life Science Student Lab Manual (4th ed.) (In Stock) $28.61
Life Science Tests Answer Key (4th ed.) (In Stock) $10.83
Life Science Tests (4th ed.) (In Stock) $15.00
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