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Science 6 Subject Kit (4th ed.)


Promote scientific literacy while encouraging your child to develop a better knowledge of God with the Science 6 educational materials from BJU Press. Science 6 covers topics such as earthquakes and volcanoes, weather and erosion, natural resources, cells, scientific classification, atoms and molecules, the solar system, and genetics. Your child will consider each topic within a biblical worldview and will develop critical thinking skills along with other science process skills such as classifying, inferring, communicating, measuring, experimenting, and collecting and recording data. Each lesson is presented in flexible format, allowing you as the teacher to tailor the lesson from your child. Additionally, hands-on activities are included in almost every chapter in order to promote a love of learning.

The Science 6 Subject Kit contains all the necessary materials for teaching Science 6--5 items total.

  • Copyright Year - 2013
  • Edition - 4th ed.
  • Format - kit
  • Grade Level - 6
  • Publisher - BJU Press

Science 6 Subject Kit (4th ed.)


What's Included?

Item Price Quantity
Science 6 Tests Answer Key (4th ed.) (In Stock) $10.28
Science 6 Student Text (4th ed.) (In Stock) $42.22
Science 6 Teacher's Edition with CD (4th ed.) (In Stock) $60.56
Science 6 Student Activities Manual (4th ed.) (In Stock) $31.39
Science 6 Tests (4th ed.) (In Stock) $14.72

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Science 6 eTextbook ST (4th ed.) (in stock) $21.11
Science 6 eTextbook & Printed ST (4th ed.) (in stock) $55.00
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