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World History Subject Kit

World History (3rd ed.) guides students through the story of history from the dawn of civilization to the present world. Students are encouraged to explore the past and delve in to the twists and turns of world history through relevant activities and class discussions. The text emphasizes how a Christian worldview affects the study of history, illustrating the crucial nature of viewing history through the lens of the Bible. World History provides a survey of history essential to future study.
  • Author - BJU Press
  • Copyright Year - 2006
  • Format - kit
  • Grade Level - 10
  • Publisher - BJU Press

World History Subject Kit

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What's Included?

Item Price Quantity
World History Teacher's Edition (3rd ed.) (In Stock) $71.39
World History Student Text (3rd ed.) (In Stock) $57.78
World History Tests (3rd ed.) (In Stock) $15.83
World History Tests Answer Key (3rd ed.) (In Stock) $11.39
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