Footsteps for Fours K4 Subject Kit

Prepare your preschool child for a lifetime of learning with the Footsteps for Fours curriculum from BJU Press. The colorful curriculum is filled with activities that will excite your child about learning. It uses a center-based, hands-on approach to learning in order to give each child to learn at his own developmental level and ability. Each lesson incorporates age-appropriate lessons in language arts, prereading skills, phonics, math, handwriting, social studies, and science. Music lessons are included twice a week and emphasize music, rhyme, play, movement, and literature. The curriculum also includes optional lessons for advanced children who are ready to read.
The Footsteps for Fours Subject Kit contains all the necessary materials for teaching your preschooler—5 items total.
  • Author - BJU Press
  • Copyright Year - 2009
  • Format - kit
  • Grade Level - K4
  • Publisher - BJU Press

Footsteps for Fours K4 Subject Kit

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What's Included?

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K4 Footsteps for Fours Teacher's Edition with CD (2nd ed.) (In Stock) $129.72
K4 Footsteps for Fours Student Activity Packet (2nd ed.) (In Stock) $33.06
K4 Footsteps for Fours Student Writing Packet (2nd ed.) (In Stock) $27.22
K4 Footsteps for Fours Listening CD (In Stock) $18.33
K4 Footsteps for Fours Student Practice Cards (2nd ed.) (In Stock) $12.50
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Other items you may want...

Item Price Quantity
K4 Footsteps for Fours Teacher's Visual Packet (2nd ed.) (in stock) $60.00
K4 Footsteps for Fours Phonics Charts & Teaching Tree (2nd ed.) (in stock) $60.00
K4 Footsteps for Fours Backpack & Hand Puppet (2nd ed.) (in stock) $43.06
K4 Footsteps for Fours Teacher's Kit (Books/CD/Backpack/Puppet) (2nd ed.) (in stock) $166.67
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Rated 3.8 out of 5 by 8 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Over all a very good program. We like the use of puppets and the way the Bible is used to teach many lessons. We would like the program to not be setup with where holidays fall, but set so we can add in as needed. The lessons do not fall on the right dates. This is something the teachers are having trouble with. March 28, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Not Adapted for Home Use Value: Average for what you receive. Comparable to other companies. Quality: Great quality books, updated graphics for the most part (unlike a lot of other Christian curriculum out there whose graphics look straight out of the 50s-90s), great workbook/activity pages. The graphics were a large part of our decision to go with this curriculum over other similar options as we both wanted something that we would want to look at and enjoy rather than something that looked horribly dated and boring. Ease of Use: For home use, this curriculum is only fair. Use requires continuous adaptation and skipping around in the Teacher's Edition (to remove all the random classroom activities or teacher/student verbiage). And student pages don't contain any instructions on them so you have to refer back to the Teacher's Edition quite frequently to know how to instruct your child(ren) in what they are to do. Biblical Integration: While there are occasional biblical teachings, they are very occasional (i.e. Christmas lessons contained no real teaching on what Christmas is really about and a lot of teaching on what the Martin family did to prepare for Christmas). Academic Excellence: I really wanted to love this curriculum; however, I didn't pay close enough attention when looking at it during a local home educators' conference and mistakenly assumed in would be in a "letter a week" format. It is not. Each day a new letter or number (or both) is introduced. While the lack of repetition is fine for my 4-year-old who already knows all of her letters well, it's made it more difficult for my 3-year-old so we've had to supplement with a lot of other alphabet activities (mainly in the form of board games) to help her learn her letters. Overall: As I mentioned, I really wanted to LOVE this curriculum. Instead, I find myself frustrated by having to skip over so much and re-wording portions of the teacher verbiage that's supposed to be helping me have less prep. I would really like to see BJU come up with Home Educator's Editions of the Teacher's Editions with just the basics (worded appropriately for someone teaching their own children) and then additional ideas at the end of each lesson instead of interspersed throughout the lesson. BJU seems to be focusing more of their home education efforts toward Distance Learning; however, that model doesn't appeal to parents wanting to be their children's primary educator. If anyone from BJU reads my review, I would be more than willing to come on as an actual user consultant K-12 to help refine for the home education. We love your products (minus the lack of home-educator focus) and want to use them throughout our girls' education. January 16, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Wonderful curriculum! I love using this curriculum everyday and my kids love it, too! I don't use all of the ideas the curriculum provides (i.e., the teaching tree - I do my own calendar set-up instead), but the amount of lesson ideas is perfect for a 5-day a week full-day class. It works well for half day pre-k classes as well! While using this curriculum I know that my students are gaining the language arts, math, science, social studies, social/emotional, creativity, and motor skills that they need to prepare for Kindergarten. The lessons and concepts are developmentally appropriate for this age group, however, I send several worksheets home because I don't want my kids sitting at a table all day. This curriculum is easy to add your own ideas or stories to, but the kids also love the stories about Jake Martin and his dog, Max. My favorite part about the lessons is the Biblical integration- this saves me a lot of time when writing out my lessons plans, and teaches me to think about our thematic concepts with a Biblical perspective. Thank you, BJU press for creating such a great curriculum for little ones. We have lots of fun with Footsteps for Fours! February 25, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Activity Packets have good picture quality but lack titles and instructions. The Teacher Edition lessons are varied, fun, and interdisciplinary. The children enjoy doing the hands-on activities and games. However, some stories are too long for children age four. Some students get bored listening to them, especially when they don't see any colorful pictures. The K4 Footsteps for Fours Student Activity Packet pictures are captivating to the students because they are big and colorful. However, it would be more helpful to the parents who make follow-up studies/activities at home if the Activity Packets had titles and instructions. Also, there are only limited worksheets, if any, for Science and Social Studies. September 29, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Not great for homeschool environment Here is why: There is a lot of scripted information that is only applicable to the school or classroom setting. It takes a lot of time for me to go through it ahead of time and narrow down what I don't need to do or say in my homeschool. For instance, the importance of sitting in a group, not touching your neighbor. Yes they need to learn it, but strange to say when they are sitting alone. I love the fact that it is very colorful, however. Great for those littles that love cutesy and colorful pages. August 25, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by A Bit Basic but Beneficial We're a couple of weeks into our homeschooling, and so far the activity pages have seemed very basic. I can see how they would be perfect for a classroom setting, but wish there was a homeschool version that was a bit more in-depth. As far as biblical integration, so far the activity packet hasn't had any. It's not anti-biblical but also doesn't contain as much biblical integration as I would like. August 21, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Curriculum, Requires Adaptation for Homeschool This is a wonderful preschool curriculum. That said, it is definitely geared toward a group classroom setting and has required adaptation for our homeschool use. I wish BJU had a specific homeschool version that removed the portions directed at private school students and adjusted the language to a family rather than a class. My only other wish is that the curriculum focused on a letter a week rather than so much rotation at the beginning. Otherwise, we have loved it. My girls both love Max and his owner family. August 21, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by cute I think this is really cute. My daughter loves school! Would be nice if it could have some things geared to homeschool. Also would like to have more Bible base with some lessons but over all I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good home school preschool curriculum for your 4 year old or 5. March 14, 2013
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