Grade 2 DVD with Books

Grade 2 DVD with Books

Grade 2 for Distance Learning

Lease a Grade 2 DVD Kit and get access to all the following Distance Learning courses:

  • Bible Truths 2 encourages students to live the Bible as well as know the Bible through a chronological study of the Old and New Testaments.
  • Heritage Studies 2 continues the narrative of the founding of the United States—from Jamestown through the War for Independence—while explaining colonial farming, shopkeeping, kings and queens, and clothing.
  • Phonics and English 2 teaches nouns, verbs, adjectives, and pronouns. Join Mrs. Overly in writing descriptions, instructions, personal stories, poetry, book reports, and short stories.
  • Handwriting 2 reviews the PreCursive letters and then provides an easy transition to cursive writing by simply adding a cursive stroke to the letters.
  • Spelling 2 reinforces the most reliable spelling patterns and introduces the most common structural generalizations. Weekly journal entries provide a systematic composition experience and Bible word study.
  • Reading 2presents systematic phonics instruction and thoughtful discussion questions emphasize reading comprehension that aims to produce thoughtful, fluent readers who continue to read all their lives.
  • In Math 2, Mrs. Walker keeps tabs on Carpenter Matt O’Malley and his pet beaver, Paddy, as they travel the world, working on special building projects and teaching mathematical concepts.
  • Science 2 introduces living things and environments, fossils and dinosaurs, the earth and its resources, how the earth moves, light and shadows, how things move, forms of matter, and the systems of the body.

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When you lease this DVD Kit, you receive a DVD package that includes all the distance learning content for the entire grade as well all required textbooks and materials. At the end of 13 months, you return the DVDs, but the textbooks and materials are yours to keep.

>> If you plan on using this distance learning kit before May 1, 2014, please contact Customer Service at 800.845.5731 to place your order.

Printed Teacher’s Editions are not included with this kit. A complete copy of the Teacher’s Edition (formerly TE on CD) and the Teacher’s Toolkit CD as well as files for printing materials from the Teacher Support Materials CD are available by logging into your account (Available May 1, 2014). If you desire a printed Teacher Edition, please contact Customer Service for special pricing.

new for 2014All DVD and Hard Drive Distance Learning kits now include a Parent Guide as well as a Student Worksheets Packet which have all of the teacher support materials and answer keys needed for the subject(s). Learn more.

Sample Videos

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  • Author - BJU Press Distance Learning
  • Copyright Year - 2007
  • Format - Distance Learning by DVD
  • Grade Level - 2
  • Publisher - BJU Press

Grade 2 DVD with Books

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Rated 4.6 out of 5 by 14 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best Product Ever! I grew up in a private school before heading to university and I knew it was the right environment for my children. When our son was born we knew very early on that he was extremely bright. When he begin begging at 3 to learn to read we decided it was time to look for a curriculum. We started him with BJU in pre-K and hired a retired teacher to help him through it while mommy worked. We were so impressed with the quality of the curriculum that we decided that we would continue using BJU. As he has progressed and is now in 2nd grade I can't believe how much he is learning and retaining. BJU just keeps exceeding my expectations and we couldn't be happier. October 4, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Grade 2 DVD with books This is a sold Biblical program. What I like: Bible is great, Science is very good and keeps the students attention, Math and English are very well done and the students can work relatively independently. Reading is good, involved and we do not do all work assigned, but a very good reading program. What I do not like: History- no study guides only the notebook, this is due to this being the older edition. Handwriting, the DVD is really pointless. I have my students only do the work text but I really like they are learning cursive. Spelling is the older edition, really would like the DVD updated to meet the latest spelling text. Overall this is a great program. The Biblical integration is amazing. I just hope they update the DVDs with the work texts b/c I have another 2nd grader coming up soon. September 2, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great reading program and Bible integration The whole 2nd grade curriculum is very good, but the reading in particular is exceptional. My son struggles with reading, but he is getting so much better at it since beginning Bob Jones curriculum. He says his favorite subject is reading! Also, Bible is integrated in literally every subject. The 2nd grade Bob Jones DVD curriculum is very much like Christian private school at home. January 7, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by 2nd grade DVD I like the lesson plans being by day so you can see the whole day on one page. That really saves me from going to each subject for the next lesson plan. It's nice that you give both options. I have them in a binder and refer to both frequently. at times the individual one is handy as well. My only complaint is that it is very difficult to find the extra items to be printed from the disks. Even with the abbreviations I find myself looking in every possible place to find what I'm looking for. At times the lesson plans will give a page number. I have not found that in adobe you can look up page numbers so I have to look through each folder until I find the page number I'm looking for. For example English day 92 lesson 82 "God Made Seven Days in a Week" S43 & "There are Twelve Months in a Year" S48 I had no idea that these were songs. There was no way to find the pages until I tried every other adobe folder and after much searching when I got to songs I discovered that it was copy protected and I can't even print the pages for my child. Very frustrating. The folders are not in page order. Even that would make it easier to find. I don't know a lot about Adobe and there might be ways to fix these problems but I haven't discovered them. It's taking me hours to prepare 1 week of lesson plans for 1 child because I'm having to search and print a lot. When grading spelling pages adobe is in folders by unit. The unit number is only on the first page of the lessons. It's difficult to remember what unit he is on when I go to grade his papers each day. I sometimes have to go back and look at the lesson plans. Putting the unit # at the bottom would be very helpful. The CD's make it difficult to bookmark which lessons we have completed and which ones are next. I'm having to write the lesson number at the top of my child's page each day so he knows which lesson he needs to watch that day to go with his worktext pages. Is there an easier way I just haven't discovered. I do love this curriculum. I would recommend it to anyone. January 14, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by awesome We are 1 week into our first year with BJU. We absolutely love the distance learning dvds. It really helps mom too with the mom minutes. Absolutely love the program so far and compared to other homeschool experiences we have had, this one has gone much smoother and has been much easier to understand and follow!!!! Love how each subjuect reinforces our faith! We simply couldn't be happier! September 26, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by bju is a good curriculum yet time consuming The dvd's are great in a lot of ways, but they require massive amounts of time. My son spends twice as much time on 2nd grade as my girls do on 4th (using another curriculum). The extras that are great when you have a class of kids just seem like a waste with one student. I would like to see the DVDs catered to the individual and not extra time consuming fluff. That's just our experience so far. However, I fully believe BJU produces great students. September 5, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Second Grade DVD Kit Used Abeka for two years and this year decided to give BJU a try. Very satisfied with the product, very happy that we made the switch. Many pro's with a few con's. The pro's for us include the fun and always different teachings. Very visual and engaging for the child. The worksheets are also colorful and fun to do wile being challenging academically. The con's for us include not having the Teachers edition in hand. We are not liking the cd's at all. Considering that we already are paying such a high price for the whole kit, I hoped all of that would already be included. Cd's are VERY inconvenient. Also wish there wasn't so much other things on other cd's for me to refer to or print. Got very confusing in the beginning. The other con is that because BJU is always updating their videos and worktext, I have found that quite a few times the dvd lesson did not correspond with the dvd manual or the textbooks looked different, which confused the student and myself. With all that said, my child and I LOVE BJU and are planning on continuing with in for years to come. Hopefully the TE's become an item included, to have a choice of CD or Book upon ordering would be SUPER! September 10, 2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by The program is great with the exception of Spelling this year. We are only 2 weeks into school and I am very disappointed in the spelling this year. Last year was so awesome and we were expecting the same this year. I love how reading is set up this year. Love that English, spelling, reading,and handwriting are all separated this year. The thing I like most about this program is that I am not the teacher. That the teacher is on the screen. That seems to work for ASD son. September 5, 2013