Grade 5 DVD with Books

Grade 5 DVD with Books
Grade 5 emphasizes reading comprehension, math practice, and hands-on science projects. Grammar rules are reinforced as students practice writing short essays and business letters. Heritage Studies 5 describes the period of American history between the Wright brothers' flight and the Vietnam War. Students will experience biblical truth integrated into each of the academic disciplines.

When you lease this DVD Kit, you receive a DVD package that includes all the distance learning content for the entire grade as well all required textbooks and materials. At the end of 13 months, you return the DVDs, but the textbooks and materials are yours to keep.

>> If you plan on using this distance learning kit before May 1, 2014, please contact Customer Service at 800.845.5731 to place your order.

Printed Teacher’s Editions are not included with this kit. A complete copy of the Teacher’s Edition (formerly TE on CD) and the Teacher’s Toolkit CD as well as files for printing materials from the Teacher Support Materials CD are available by logging into your account (Available May 1, 2014). If you desire a printed Teacher Edition, please contact Customer Service for special pricing.

new for 2014All DVD and Hard Drive Distance Learning kits now include a Parent Guide as well as a Student Worksheets Packet which have all of the teacher support materials and answer keys needed for the subject(s). Learn more.

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  • Author - BJU Press Distance Learning
  • Copyright Year - 2007
  • Format - Distance Learning by DVD
  • Grade Level - 5
  • Publisher - BJU Press

Grade 5 DVD with Books

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Rated 4.3 out of 5 by 14 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent Home School Resource! BJU makes home schooling comprehensive, yet simple. November 15, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by BJU is a great Christ centered homeschool program !!!! BJU is a great Christ centered program that is easy to follow also has great teaching and student materials. We do use the DVD program the teachers are great and make learning fun ! September 22, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by I have seen a pleasant improvement in my students grammar and writing abilities. I have been using BJU's Grade 5 English for the last two years and I have seen a pleasant improvement in my students grammar and writing abilities. My only concern is that they introduce some concepts that I feel are much more advanced than necessary for their age. The DVD is easy to follow and the two page per lesson assignment is the perfect length for practice and application. September 10, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Overall, I would recommend the DVD with books Grade 5. The academic content is very good and the dvd's are top notch quality. I really like that the DVD's are not set up classroom style but specific to my student. My son really enjoys the dvd's and is learning. The books are great and the biblical integration is outstanding. One area that could be improved on is the organization of where to find materials for each subject. It is different for each subject regarding where you will find quizzes, answers to workbook pages--sometimes you have a hardcopy of the work text sometimes you have to look on the TE CD. This makes it very difficult to know easily how to check daily work. I did get the hang of it but it took some time to know where everything is located. This could very easily be streamlined for each subject. I do prefer the TE work text in written form for ease of use. Next year I plan to have several grade levels on the DVD with books and I know I will spend a great deal of time this summer organizing and becoming familiar with where everything is located for each subject in each grade. This could be solved easily by having each subject in each grade the same in terms of where materials are located. I also would like the DVD guide printed for each subject so that I do not have to print it. There is a lot of printing on my part as a parent/teacher. I did find this easy as I put all I needed on a flash drive and took to Office Depot and had it all printed and 3 hole punched. I have a 5th grade notebook with everything in it I need. Overall, I do like this curriculum. It is pricy but I believe it is worth it. The DVD's free me up to work with another child of mine and I know my 5th grader is still getting a great education. I don't think the DVD's can be beat in terms of the sets/teachers/ etc.. We do not do every single work page or extra work. Only when needed. But I appreciate that I can print extra help in math if needed. Thank you BJU for great quality teaching materials! I do hope someone will look at the organization of each grade and subject. Making this easier on the parent will definitely help with others wanting to use the material! January 28, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by What a resource! This is our second year for buying the DVD classes. We expected them to be the same teachers for this year, but was surprised that we got different teachers for different subjects. We are loving the change to mix it up a bit. This year we got all the TE on CD's. This mama wasn't sure about that yet, but now I am really liking having it on CD. I don't have a lot of room to store all the TE and this way I just store them in my desk drawer. Amazing. I am always impressed with the content that we get when we open the workbooks. My kids are learning what people in Jesus times were eating while learning what an imperative and declarative sentence are. I love how the bible integration goes right into each subject like that. Having kids would like facts , they have benefited from facts throughout all subjects about the bible. September 5, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by The DVD's are like having our own personal tutor. My daughter is eager to watch her video and get on to her Math. If she begins her work and cannot figure out a problem, she can go back to the video and it usually clarifies what she needs to know the second time around. As a mother of multiple children, this has been a huge blessing. September 25, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Wish we would have found BJU sooner!! We have homeschooled for over three years and have had a rough time, even giving up at one point for the local charter school. This year we have discovered BJU distant learning and WE ARE LOVING IT!! So much pressure off of me to do the teaching and now I can cheerlead!! My only warning about the curriculum that I have found as a negative is that after paying such a hefty amount there is still a ton of copying needing to be done, not sure why this cannot be included with the package, we sure payed for it! Other than that we are so glad we have found BJU and hope this will take us through all our school years! September 21, 2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by dvd program We switched over to Bob Jones last year from another curriculum and have enjoyed it very much. Last year was great and there was really nothing that we disliked about the curriculum. The teacher on the DVD are wonderful in teaching and my daughter excelled. This year, there is no answer keys for assignments that this is the first year that Bob Jones has parents/teachers use the CD Rom to correct answers. This has made it more difficult for me to help my child. What happens if my child is in the middle of the lesson, I eject the DVD then place CD to get an answer to the problem. When I put the DVD back to play, we have to find our spot again. I know you can pay extra for the keys but I have all ready paid for the whole class. I would recommend to have the option to have the CD Rom or answer keys. We still want to continue using Bob Jones. My kids love it and having fun while learning. September 10, 2013