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Into His Rest

Into His Rest
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Ted Miller refutes liberation theology’s use of the exodus from Hebrews 3–4 in Into His Rest. Latin American, Black, and feminist theologians use the exodus to prove God’s unconditional support for anyone suffering economic, racial, or gender-based oppression. A valuable resource in contemporary theology and New Testament hermeneutics, Into His Rest demonstrates how Hebrews negates liberationist views of the exodus. After introducing liberation theology’s history and hermeneutics, Miller traces how it relates the exodus to God, man, sin, and salvation. Turning to Hebrews, Miller studies its treatment of the same themes and finds liberationist treatments wanting. A Bob Jones University Seminary Publication.

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  • ISBN - 978-1-60682-000-1
  • Author - Ted Miller
  • Copyright Year - 2009
  • Format - softbound
  • Length - 208 pp.
  • Publisher - Bob Jones University Press

Into His Rest

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