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Sarah's Long Ride

Sarah's Long Ride
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In Sarah’s Long Ride, a Christian fiction by Susan Page Davis, the Bandicoot 100 is coming up, and Sarah Piper and her horse, Icicle, are registered for the race. But Sarah’s mother has recently died, leaving Sarah without a riding partner. Adjusting to a new home with Uncle Joe and far from her friends, Sarah realizes that endurance is not something she needs just for the race. She needs it for life. Teen girls will enjoy this fresh, upbeat story of a girl facing her grief and finding strength to follow her dream. Davis is also the author of the novel Feather.

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  • ISBN - 978-1-59166-737-7
  • eISBN - 978-1-60682-904-2
  • Author - Susan Page Davis
  • Copyright Year - 2007
  • Format - softbound
  • Length - 184 pp.
  • Publisher - BJU Press, JourneyForth
  • Reading Level - ages 912
  • Lexile Measurement - 730

Sarah's Long Ride

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