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Practice Tests

Is your student nervous about taking tests?
Familiarity with the testing format might calm those worries and result in better scores.

Practice Tests help students get familiar with the kinds of questions (not actual content) used in tests.

The student answers a few sample questions for each of the test sections.

Please note that a copy of the directions (implied by “teacher”) is essential for the administration of all Stanford practice tests, OLSAT Levels C and D, and for Levels 5–6 and 7–8 of the Iowa Assessments®. Since the copy of the directions also contains the answer key, they are highly recommended for all other practice tests.

Due to the nature of our contract with the publishers of these materials, these test prep products are available only to students not enrolled in publicly funded schools (including charter schools). If your child is not homeschooled or enrolled in a privately funded school, you may still purchase Better Test Scores, which is available for Grades 3–8.


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