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Stanford Tests—K5

Available year-round for grades K–12, the Stanford 10 is nationally standardized and meets most state requirements. The achievement test is untimed and in full-color.

Please note: BJU Press began using 2018 norms for the Stanford 10 in the Spring of 2019. This new comparison group has a much higher number of private school students. The new ratio, where private school students far outnumber public school students, makes it more difficult for a student to receive a high percentile rank.

Test Details


The Stanford 10 covers a wide range of skills and knowledge. For a full list of subtests and testing times, please see our Stanford 10 Schedule.


Stanford 10/OLSAT® 8 tests have restrictions (embargoes) in certain states (areas subject to change).


The Stanford Achievement Tests are also available in combination with the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test® (OLSAT). For more information on this abilities testing option, please see our OLSAT page.

Tester Qualifications

It is critical that the publisher's guidelines for administering the tests be followed precisely—please review the tester qualifications. For help locating a tester or for the tester application, please visit our Test Administrator support page.


Results include:

  • Norm-referenced scores: Scaled Score, Grade Equivalent, Stanine, and National Percentile Rank
  • Graphed achievement percentiles
  • Content cluster skills evaluations
  • Skills performance ratings
  • Score interpretation brochure

Sample Results:

Sample Stanford 10 Student Report pdf document (with Lexile score for grades 1–12).

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