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Distance Learning DVD
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Available by Grade or Subject

DVD homeschool courses are available as a complete grade package or as individual courses for Grades 1–12. K4 and K5 are available as complete grade packages only.

Flexible Options

For homeschooled children who are on different grade levels in some areas, we offer the flexibility of moving up or down one or two grade levels for a maximum of two subjects. For example, a homeschooling parent could exchange Spelling 3 for Spelling 2.

You’re in control!

Our teaching experts deliver educationally sound lessons to your children, but you, the parent, have the final say on grading and lesson planning.

Exciting personalities keep your child engaged.

Our teachers use their unique personalities like tools to keep your children focused during their lessons and riveted to the discussions. Learn more about our teachers and how their personalities impact lessons on our Meet Our Teachers page.

Everything you need in one convenient kit

When you order a BJU Press Distance Learning homeschool kit, you will receive all the essential materials for an outstanding homeschool experience. From textbooks to handouts, you can get all the Distance Learning lesson materials for your child's grade level at one low price.

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