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Distance Learning by Hard Drive

Distance Learning Hard Drive Curriculum

With the Hard Drive, you can have all of the award-winning BJU Press Distance Learning content for an entire grade level in one easy-to-use device. And it's yours for 13 months.

All you need is some basic computer skills and a computer with Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Just plug it into any functioning USB 2.0 port in your computer and you're ready to go. The user-friendly menu helps you keep track of which lessons you've already viewed so that you can quickly locate the next lesson you need. For one low price, you can get all the Distance Learning lessons and all the necessary textbooks for your child's grade level (K4-Grade 8 available).


Getting Started

You just received your boxes in the mail. Now what?

Step 1: Unpack your box

  • Unpack your boxes and familiarize yourself with the components. If you ordered a Hard Drive kit WITH books you should receive the following:
    • All essential student materials plus Tests Answer Keys (for some subjects)
    • Your Hard Drive
    • A Parent Guide
    • A Student Worksheets Packet
    If you ordered a Hard Drive kit WITHOUT books you should receive the following: Distance Learning Printed Materials packets
    • Your Hard Drive
    • A Parent Guide
    • A Student Worksheets Packet
  • Locate the Parent Guide and Student Worksheets Packet. The Parent Guide is purple and the Student Worksheets Packet is orange. Check the chart to find out what is included with your course. If anything is missing, let us know.
  • Watch the series of how-to videos that explain each of the components in the printed course packets.

Step 2: Watch the Orientation video

Your orientation video explains the teacher’s goals and plans for the school year.

Distance Learning Video Lesson Guide

Step 3: Reference the Video Lesson Guides

The Video Lesson Guide is your roadmap to Distance Learning. As you look through the weekly lessons, you will find that the organization of your class has already been done for you. The Video Lesson Guide gives the lesson number, materials needed, and student text pages used for the assignments. There’s also a column detailing your responsibilies for the lesson.