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AHE Grades 1-8 Benefits

  • Report Cards
  • Guidance and Consultation
  • Official Transcripts
  • Annual Standardized Testing
  • Newsletter Updates
  • Graduation Event
  • Cash4College

$250.00 Enroll Now!

Grades 1-8 new application and administrative fees. Discounts may apply for existing students. Cost is per child.

Elementary—Junior High Checklist and Timetable of Due Dates

Getting Started

  • Send application pdf document and non-refundable application fee to the AHE
    • A welcome letter and invoice will be mailed to you
  • Obtain BJU Press curriculum materials for all required subjects
  • Keep an attendance record. A 180-day enrollment period is required

First Quarter

Second Quarter

  • January 4—First semester/second quarter grades due. View Calendar pdf document
  • January 18—Second quarter grade reporting deadline* pdf document

Third Quarter

  • March 18—Third quarter grades due (Elementary J/H). View Calendar pdf document
  • April 8—Third quarter grade reporting deadline* pdf document

Achievement Testing

  • January 15—Deadline for returning Spring Achievement Testing Order Form pdf document
    • Test materials will be mailed to your qualified and approved tester
  • March—Complete spring achievement testing by mid-March
    • Results will be mailed to you. If test scores are lower than the minimum level established by AHE, a homeschool consultant will contact you to assist in remediation.

Fourth Quarter/End of Year

  • May 27—Fourth quarter grades due. View Calendar pdf document
  • June 10—Fourth quarter grade reporting deadline* pdf document
  • June 16—Graduation ceremony for The Academy of Home Education seniors at Bob Jones University.
  • *** Receive the student’s final report card when all grades have been submitted for the year.
  • July 31—Complete the Re-enrollment Form pdf document along with the yearly administrative fee for the new school year.

*Late fees ($25/GRF) are required after this date.