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Elective Requirements

  • Must be an organized course
  • Is instructional in nature
  • Need to be in a subject area that requires the learning of new concepts and facts
  • Must be a subject that utilizes a textbook
  • Instructed with a pre-determined objective standard of evaluation that would include a combination of the following: tests, quizzes, homework, projects
  • Evaluated by at least one paper exam

Tip: A good question to ask yourself as you prepare an elective course is, "Would a conventional school accept this as a credit course?"

Elective Definitions

  • BJU Press Electives: Foreign Languages, Bible, Music, Speech, Family Life Skills, Fitness DVDs, Science, Math
  • Other Electives: Using a non-BJU Press curriculum (BJU Press must be used where available).
  • Transferred Electives: Course taken outside the home (team sports, traditional school, co-op course, etc.)

Elective Approval Process

Complete the updated Elective Reporting Form (ERF).pdf document

  • Submit all ERFs in time for approval prior to semester in which the elective will be taken.
  • Submit all ERFs prior to deadlinepdf document to avoid late submission penalty.
  • Courses for which ERFs are required appear on the course requirements page.
  • Before the beginning of each year, The Course Registration Form (CRF) must be completed before the ERF, and both forms must be submitted together.

Units of Elective Credit

  • A course will receive .25 credit for one semester if the instruction time lasts between 2.5 and 4 hours per week.
  • A course will receive .50 credit for one semester if the instruction time lasts between 4 and 5 hours per week.
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