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Go for the Gold

Every four years the world celebrates the summer Olympics. Some athletes have trained their whole lives for a chance to compete, others have made a career out of the sports they excel in, but all athletes realize only the winner will receive the highest honor—the gold medal.

I'd like to share with you what it means for homeschool moms to go for the gold and how to reach it. Because no matter where you are in life as a wife or a mom, you should all be reaching for the prize.

But what does it mean for homeschool moms to go for the gold?

Does going for the gold mean beating everyone else in order to win a prize? No. How about an opportunity to be recognized by others for your achievement? No. Put simply, to go for the gold means training yourself to become the woman God wants you to be. This training is essential, for new techniques build upon those that you have already learned. But most importantly, the training must be good and solid, or else you will never overcome the daily struggles (Micah 6:8).

So why should busy homeschool moms go for the gold?

We have each been entered into a competition—life. The difference with this competition and those found in the Olympics are many, but here are two. First, you don't have to spend time floundering around in the water because you have a faithful Lifeguard with you. He trains you so that you can overcome the obstacles threatening to drown you—the weight of guilt, the muscle cramps of life, and the directionless treading through circumstances.

Second, the outcome of the competition differs. There is no one winner. We, who are children of God, have an equal opportunity to finish the race and be named a victor (2 Timothy 4:7-8).

Because this is true, you should reach out and encourage the other competitors (who're really your teammates) to stay strong. Our words and actions, whether edifying or not, affect the physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness of those beside us. In turn, they influence the finish of your race as well.

As a homeschool mom, how can you train for the gold?

You must start with making a conscious decision to focus on the gold: the true prize—Christ. He is our purpose for living, our provider of hope, and our protector at all times. As a result, you shouldn't let anything hold you back from resolving to do your best in this race of life.

You have been given unique responsibilities—cleaning the house, teaching your children, helping your husband, and volunteering at church (to name a few!)—that create challenges along the way. But remember, these circumstances of life provide the training that brings you one stroke closer to reaching the gold.

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