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Homeschooling from the Heart—A Month Full of “Thankfuls”

A Month Full of Thankfuls

Have you ever noticed that we often forget to be thankful for something until it’s too late? Thanksgiving is less than a month away and yet there’s so much to be thankful for between now and then. Don’t wait until the official holiday to start counting your blessings. Get the whole family involved by making the time leading up to Thanksgiving a month of “thankfuls.”

In a prominent household place, post pieces of paper with “[family member name] is thankful for” written at the top. There should be one for each person in the family. Then, each day every family member must add another blessing for which he or she is thankful. This is the perfect opportunity to encourage your little people to think creatively. Yes, God gave them favorite toys, yummy pizza, and their best friends at school, but they can also thank Him for sunshine, Daddy’s hard work, and pretty trees—anything and everything good. And you try it too! Yes, you’re thankful for God’s provision, the fellowship of family and friends, and a good church, but do you thank Him for giving you that nice parking space, a good hair day, or clean laundry?

Even the littlest blessings are God saying “I love you” to His children. So find a new “thankful” today and don’t miss the teachable moments along the way. God teaches us because He loves us, and that’s the greatest “thankfuls.” of all.

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