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Discount Payment Plans & Options

Multi-Course Discount

We're making Distance Learning more affordable with the following 2 discounts:

  • Order 2 or more Distance Learning grade kits with books (K5–grade 12) and save $50 on each kit.
  • Order 3 or more Distance Learning subject kits with books (Grades 1–12) and get 25% off each kit.

Only kits with video and textbooks qualify.

Browse Distance Learning kits now. Or order by phone by calling 800.845.5731.

Additional Materials

We also offer resource materials. To view and/or order them online, go to Textbooks and select the grade/subject you’re interested in.

Distance Learning Online and DVD also allows for up to 2 substitutions, meaning that for a child who is on different grade levels in a given subject, you may move up or down by up to two grade levels for a maximum of 2 subjects. For example, you may order a 3rd grade kit, but choose 2nd grade math and 4th grade science if those align better with your child’s level. Pricing is the same as the standard Full Grade Kit.

Payment Plan

Orders $499 and up (excluding those containing Testing & Evaluation products) now qualify for our payment plan! Pay 30% up front and 70% over the next six months. See terms and conditions below for more information.

To enroll, select “Payment Plan” during checkout.

Monthly Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

Before you order any of our kits, please read our terms and conditions.

By enrolling in the automatic monthly payment plan, the customer agrees to the following:

  • The customer authorizes BJU Press to automatically charge his credit card each month until the balance is paid in full.
  • The amount charged will be approximately one-sixth of the balance due after the original down payment has been charged and may vary slightly due to applicable taxes.
  • The monthly billing will be charged to the customers credit card each month on the same date the down payment was charged.
  • A $25 service fee will be charged for each month in which a credit card charge is declined.
  • Returns of any payment plan order will be applied to satisfy the payment plan before any refund can be made.
  • Default of monthly payments voids the payment plan.
  • Default on Distance Learning Online will result in suspension of service and permanent loss of records.
  • Customer is responsible for all collection fees allowable by law on accounts in default.

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